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Tallahassee Investors Network is run by Camille Mueller and Mark Dobert - both active and seasoned real estate investors.  Camille and Mark are also partners in a real estate investment business.


Spend any time around Mark and Camille and you will hear that phrase repeatedly.  They are real estate professionals who specialize in purchasing distressed properties, renovating them, and then selling them to a retail buyer.  They pride themselves on producing a quality product that makes their buyers and tenants say “WOW!” when they enter the home.  As seasoned investors, their portfolio consist of single family homes and small multi-family units.    

Camille entered the real estate investing from a business background in 2002.  She owned several businesses that she picked up for pennies on the dollar.  She turned them into profitable businesses and then sold them.  She started in real estate rehabbing, holding rental properties, and performing short sales on both commercial and residential properties.  She was co-owner of the Madison County Real Estate Investors Association(MCREIA) in Huntsville, Alabama for 8 years. MCREIA was a very active real estate investors group with 250+ members.  Camille moved back home to the Tallahassee area in March of 2015 to help care for her mother. Camille holds an active Florida Real Estate License. She loves real estate investing, turning junkers into beauties, teaching and mentoring! When not doing real estate, Camille loves to be outside – swimming, kayaking, driving her jeep, hiking, biking, and exploring.

Mark was a fire fighter for Troy, New York when he started investing in real estate. In 2007 time frame, he saw his Doctor’s secretary(who made $8.00 an hour) buying 2 houses with bank money, he knew it was time to sell. So he did and avoided the 2008 crash. With his capital, he began hard money lending after being asked by a developer to borrow money. In 2009, He and a partner created the Action Investors Network in New York’s Capital District. This group grew by leaps and bounds with well over 250 members. Mark is highly skilled in lending, putting together deals and capital, and networking. Mark loves spending time at the gym, swimming, riding his bike, hiking, and canoeing.

We meet at Wahoo Seafood Grill

Our Mailing Address is:

1700 N. Monroe St., Ste 11-314

Tallahassee, FL 32303

Call, Text, or Email me:

Camille - 850-692-9449


Call, Text, or Email me:

Mark - 850-792-5963


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